If the Audience Won’t Come to Us, We’ll Come to Them

In order to make graphic prints more visible and to reach a wider audience, bring them closer to the public and garner interest in this artistic expression in a larger number of people, but also to support young artists, by placing graphic prints on T-shirts, we make artistic expressions accessible, more visible than in a gallery or a private collection. This way, we bring gallery spaces into everyday life and eliminate the fear of expressing an opinion about a work of art: an ordinary person would hardly dare comment on a work of art displayed in a gallery, but they will feel free to say: “I love your shirt”, or just the opposite: “What on earth are you wearing?”.

T-shirts were chosen as a medium because this article of clothing is available to everyone, but it is also personal. The prints on T-shirts are works of art that have already been displayed in exhibitions. Artists do not produce custom-made prints, with crowd-pleasing illustrations. Works that have already “passed the test” and have been categorised as artwork, more precisely, which have already been displayed in exhibition spaces, are being selected.

Graphics is the art of multi-originals. There are multiple copies of one work of art. Each print is signed and it is the author’s signature that gives value to it. Generally, 5% of the print run remains with the author and instead of numbering these prints in accordance with the entire print run, these are marked with AO (autorski otisak – author’s print). With the author’s signature and the AO mark on our T-shirts, we are making a reference to the authentic graphic prints of young artists. Our T-shirts are made as limited editions, just like the graphic prints are made in a limited number of copies. They are made in the screen printing technique, so that the process of making a T-shirt would authentically follow the graphic process itself.