Obuci grafiku (Put the Prints on)

Obuci grafiku promotes young artists and presents graphic prints in an unconventional manner to those who already love this form of art, but especially to those who are yet to learn to appreciate it.

The copyright for the use of the prints is bought straight away, without calculations on the possible sales of the T-shirts. This represents a “wind in the sails” for young artists. Admiration and pat on the back feel good and mean a lot, but purchasing rights for their work is concrete, real support.

Unlike e.g. sculptures, or oil on canvas, graphic represent an accessible artistic expression, not only for collectors, but for wider audiences as well. This is why we put prints on our T-shirts.

Modern art represents a common wealth of the society which doesn’t belong merely in galleries and ateliers. By wearing a T-shirt with a print, we enable a work of art to be present and visible in restaurants, parks, shopping malls, offices, etc., anyplace where real life unfolds.

By purchasing an Obuci grafiku T-shirt, you support young artists, promote their work, as well as modern art.

Thank you to everyone wearing an Obuci grafiku T-shirt