If the Audience Won’t Come to Us, We’ll Come to Them

In order to make graphic prints more visible and to reach a wider audience, bring them closer to the public and garner interest in this artistic expression in a larger number of people, but also to support young artists, by placing graphic prints on T-shirts, we make artistic expressions accessible, more visible than in a […]

Tailoring Their Own Lives: Somborske šnajderke (Sombor Seamstresses)

Courageous and business-minded, hard-working and decisive, kind and affable, but most importantly brave and enterprising women, after staying in a safe house because of partner violence, Somborske šnajderke (Sombor Seamstresses), united in a common goal, developed a business of their own, in order to provide livelihood for themselves and their children. Their goal is financial […]

Why Graphic Prints, and Not Something Else

There is almost no segment of modern art that isn’t imbued with a graphic expression. As it enables a wide spectre of artistic expressions, graphics are ever more present and topical, they are everywhere around us, from modern billboards to traditional posters. This, however, doesn’t mean that graphic prints as an artistic expression can reach […]